bags packed. hostel booked. let’s go.

Ma. Pa. Mary. Jack. Joe. Me

On Thursday, February 9, I will wake up at 7am.  More than likely, I won’t make my bed because I don’t normally do that, but also because I will be too excited…for the ninth of February marks the beginning of a new adventure. I will sit in the front seat of the Secretariat (the nickname for Dad’s red truck) with a grin as large as the distance from my home in Scandinavia (across the Atlantic) to my new home in Wien (Vienna), Österreich (Austria). I will arrive to the airport approximately five and one half hours before my flight takes off at 5:45pm. Thanks dad.

A semester abroad in Wien will be my life for the next five months-only to be home just in time for Scandinavia’s 44th Annual Corn Roast. I will be studying at the Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna). I will be taking a range of ecology/botany/perhaps wine-tasting classes all the while living in a dorm style housing arrangement with other international students.  The details of school and housing are a bit fuzzy yet.  Assuming I put together more of the puzzle as I arrive, a later blog post will explain what is up.

I’m pumped and anxious.  Excited and hopeful. Willing and ready.

With a belly full of America (a cheeseburger, fries, and a beer)


*Without the conversation, laughter, support, and wild hilarity from the yahoos on the right, this Scandinavian would have no stories to tell. Love. you. all.

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