Pizza, pasta and gelato…What’s a girl to do?

City #2: FIRENZE (Florence)

In an effort to spare a few euros, we spent our last night in Rome in a bar rather than in a hostel. Now, one would think that roaming Rome for a night instead of getting sleep is a bad idea. It was a bad idea. Truth be told, we spent just as much at the bar as we would have had we paid for a hostel….Once we arrived to the train station (5am-ish) to catch our ride to Florence, we were exhausted. Sitting on the train, I decided to take off my wet jeans and sit in my running tights (comfortable for sleeping). So, I threw my jeans in the overhead compartment. Little did I know, that was my last encounter with my favorite pair of jeans (despite the hole in the crotch which formed as a result of a Gladiator re-enactment scene in the Colosseum–great pictures). The abrupt arrival in Florence had us scattering to gather our bags. In a daze, we roll off the train. After a few footsteps, I realize this tragedy. Meh, I leave em’ behind and hope someone has found them and put them to good use. #maymyfavoritejeansandfavoritebeltrestinpeace.

How was Florence? It was spectacular. It just felt right to be there. After dropping 9.95 euros on a new pair of jeans, I settled with apples and digestive cookies as my main meal….gelato on the side of course. A few highlights of Florence were:

  • climbing the Duomo (the main church in Florence, also called the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore) for a bird’s eye view of the city,
  • walking up to a man standing outside of a private garden and asking him if we could have a look around (who knew speaking spanish with an italian would get my friends and i a free tour?),
  • losing 4 boxes of wine (turns out the ole’ [just hide it in the bush] doesn’t really work…),
  • paprika potato chips
  • Gusto’s pizza with Caitlin (a buddy from Madison), Jojo and Kate!
  • dancing to ‘Smoke on the Water’ in a random bar

Oh, mom–this one’s for you and Grandma Duff:

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