Palermo, Siracusa and Catania!

Stop #4: Sicily


  • clear blue skies and sunshine
  • running with Jojo and Rachael along the Mediterranean
  • Visiting the Catacombs! (freaky and I will probably never visit another one)
  • beach whaling it on the sand reading and getting sunburned
  • staying in an ADORABLE bed and breakfast
  • learning how to play euchre (a card game)
  • buying strawberries from the street vendor and dipping them in nutella–only to be washed down with a cup of coffee. YUM!
  • finding Fanta for 1 euro
  • hiking up Mt. Etna and seeing it explode!
  • buying a pair of cool earrings (intended for a gift, but..things have changed)
  • successfully creating the “fishtail” braid
  • dinner and desert with a live jazz band!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • group travel tension (after 13 days together, patience was running low and crabbiness settled in)
  • paying 1. 60 euros for a shitty cup of coffee
  • feeling slightly guilty about sneaking a 5th person into the B&B while only paying for 4….Then my friend Colleen said, “Don’t worry, Annie, Europe owes us money.” (paying for toilets, ryan air fees, etc 🙂
  • annoying kids on public transport (I know they get bored, but the little girl reciting the alphabet in spanish over and over was putting herself in a ‘spanking highly likely’ zone)
  • the Italian man on the bus who had really well groomed eyebrows
  • waking up to the smell of fish (our hostel was located right next to the market….cool, but sick)

Sicily was incredible and definitely a place I would recommend to all my homies out there looking for a taste of Italy.


ps: HMFSO to my Canadian roommate, Rachael for those really vibrant pictures in the slideshow 🙂

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