“Ma’am, you need to be more respectful while walking in the countryside…this is private property.”

Spring break came to an end in Malta, a group of 3 islands just south of Sicily.

Cool stuff that happened:

1) getting picked up from the airport by a cute old man who drove taxi for ‘Hostel Malti’–getting off the plane and seeing my name written on a small sheet of white paper (similar to the movies) felt pretty freakin’ cool.

2) Meeting the best looking most and beautiful middle-aged man I’ve ever seen. He happened to be the owner of Hostel Malti–a refreshing sight after 15 days of travel.

3) Meeting 2 guys (Llyods and Patty) who were really interested in American politics.  “If you vote the wrong way, you vote the wrong way for the rest of the world,” Patty told me. #obamalover

4) having my first “English breakfast”–2 eggs, sausage, bacon, beans and toast. DELISH!

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5) misleading the group into an area labeled “private property”-2 gunshots was all it took to get us the hell out of there. I wished we had seen the sign prior to entering….

6) Colleen (a friend from Indiana studying at BOKU with me) tripping up the hostel stairs while carrying Jojo’s birthday cake and sacrificing her knee to spare the cake! One of those moments where I nearly peed myself I was laughing so hard.

7) Arriving to Porto Azzuro Apart Hotel on our final night in Malta only to be greeted by a man named David. I showed David my receipt confirming that I had paid a down payment. There was some confusion because David had no record of this. So, I gave David a little piece of chocolate to which he responded, “Come back in the morning.” I think to myself–this guy is smart. He only works the night shift. The AM staff was going to have to deal with the payment problem…the next morning, I head downstairs to pay. I tell her the room numbers and she tells me there is no money due. I look at her. Confusion again. Crap. Then she hands me an envelope–inside is a message form David that said, “Happy 21st Birthday! From the awesome desk attendant!” He let us stay for free! (Oh, and he casually wrote down his e-mail address. Is he looking for a thank you?)

Going into spring break, I told myself I was going to have one Piña colada. And I did….at the airport :/

And I lived happily ever after the grand, 20 day adventure! Cheers to one hell of a spring break

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One thought on ““Ma’am, you need to be more respectful while walking in the countryside…this is private property.”

  1. Terrell

    My friends in Germany say the same thing about voting. They truly believe that if Americans vote “wrong” it directly impacts Europe. When I heard this, I was surprised. In addition, it was somewhat disconcerting that Europeans knew more about American Politics than many Americans do.

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