Holy shit. This is gorgeous.

City #3: Cinque Terre

After Firenze, we meandered Northwest and landed among the “5 hills.” In our travels up to Cinque Terre, everyone raved about it–the bar had been set.

One of the prettiest places I have ever seen. Check it out!

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1) All day hike form Riomaggiore (the first hill) to Monterosso (the 5th and final hill). Normally, one can hike directly from the first city to the last city. A landslide-flood combination in October of 2011 tore up the middle city pretty badly. It reminded me of Hurricane Katrina–scattered debri, water lines on the top stories of buildings, faded signs. Only a few people died, but still a sad sight to see. Fortunately, things were on the upswing–I think this process was sped up in order to compensate for the rush of summer tourism.

2) homeade gnocchi with pesto.

3) watching an Easter procession through the street with kids holding candles.

4) the crazy mixture of vegetation along the hiking trails: bamboo, pine trees, catci, palm trees. the whole lot of it.

5) first experience with a bidet (toilet that cleans your butt) HAHAHA, what an odd and refreshing experience-surprisingly pleasant!

6) running into a couple along a hiking trail from Western London. The woman had just retired from teaching. I asked her for advice she would give to an aspiring teacher. “Patience and passion.”

7) spending Easter sunday sitting on the Mediterranean sipping wine and sharing chocolate with friends. Wonderful, but my child heart missed the early morning easter basket search 🙂

8) Finding my roommate Rachael. We didn’t communicate so well as to where and when we were going to meet up…Jojo and I were sure we weren’t going to find her….BUT WE DID!


1) a salty and chilly swim in the Mediterranean.

2) lots of cats

Favorite sound:

1) listening to the waves rush into the shore with so much momentum that the rocks mixed together to create a clanking noise as the water rolled back to sea.

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